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The German Society of Winnipeg is a cultural community group.

As a cultural group, our society encourages the preservation of German customs, culture, language and heritage in the context of life in our multi-cultural home in Canada.  Our membership is open to those:

  • of recent German immigration

  • of German heritage or ancestry

  • with a love for the German speaking culture

We welcome new members and cherish the opportunity to open our facilities to them. Come and join us for some “Gemutlichkeit”.

Our membership fee structure is outlined below:

    • Regular annual membership - $95 (includes spouse or partner non-voting membership)

    • 65 and older annual senior membership - $75 (includes spouse or partner non-voting membership)

    • Student/Youth annual membership - $30 

      • Youth are 16-18 years of age but have no voting rights

      • Students are persons of legal age and are enrolled in a recognized educational institution. They enjoy the same privileges as Active members.

    • Cultural Group membership​ - $30 

      • Cultural group members belong to one of the official cultural groups of the German Society of Winnipeg​​​

      • They cannot vote, but otherwise enjoy the same rights as active members

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